Winter Volunteer Morning

Thank-you to all the volunteers who joined us today. We got a lot of work done. Clearing the remaining bramble from the new sightlines and wood chipping the path. And thank-you to those who were litter picking.

Switching on the Plough Green Christmas Tree

What a wonderful Saturday evening , such a large turnout. Simeon Linstead the organiser of the event gave a small speech in front of a crowd of over a hundred. Then after a loud countdown by the crowd, Matt Martin did the honors and switched on the lights.

Once again, thanks to our financial supporters – Matt Martin owner of Ivygate Estate Agents, Miller and Carter, Joanne Chandler, Jazz Barbers, Plough Pharmacy, Worcester Park Tiles, Bruce Elliot and last but not least, the Old Malden Ward Councillors.

Raising the Plough Green Christmas Tree

A massive thank-you to the volunteers that helped on a rather chilly Saturday afternoon in the raising and decorating of the Plough Green Christmas tree.

And thanks to our financial supporters – Matt Martin owner of Ivygate Estate Agents, Miller and Carter, Joanne Chandler, Jazz Barbers, Plough Pharmacy, Worcester Park Tiles, Bruce Elliot and last but not least, the Old Malden Ward Councillors.

November Volunteer Morning

A big thank you to all the volunteers who took part in Saturday’s Community Action Morning in Manor Park.

The weather wasn’t looking great, but fortunately we only had a bit of drizzle in the end.

Volunteers cleared bramble off the land by the railway bridge, and then local children planted it up with 50 trees – Hazels, Rowens, Crab Apple and Bird Cherry.

Local children had also assembled and decorated bird and bat boxes. These were installed in trees at the front of the park. Hopefully they’ll be popular with our feathered friends this coming spring.

The day was supported by some regular faces, and it was great meeting some residents we’d not met before. We had about 30 people helping over the course of the morning.

It was the muddiest volunteer day we’ve run to date. But our spirits were kept up with lots of hot teas and cake.

We’re planning on running a couple more Saturday volunteer events in the new year – we’ll keep you posted.

Bryn giving a helping hand
Our local children getting stuck in
We were planting small trees, known as whips. Hazels, Crab Apple, Rowen and Bird Cherry.
Before we could plant a large bank of bramble had to be cleared.
Risking life and limb to install the community bird boxes.
This box will make a home for robin family this coming spring.
Another robin’s nest
Bryn finally gets the strimmer working.
Hard at it
A proud young lady with her bird box
Nothing like a cuppa
Friendly chat at our midday refreshment break

Spring Volunteer Morning


On the sunny and hot morning of Saturday 28th March we held our Spring volunteer event. It was so warm that I rushed home to grab a hat and sun cream before the proceedings began. Per usual we gathered around the base camp tent to receive instructions.

There were four main tasks for this event. Fiona was in charge of seeding the front and back meadows. idverde kindly used a digger to remove the surface grass, as the last time we tried to do this by hand, we all nearly has heart attacks.

Bryn and his team cut and made a path through the garlic copse next to the birdfeeder. This path now links the playing fields to the back of the park.

The rest were split into two teams. One planting seeds around the pond and the other clearing, seeding the bluebell copse. And I mustn’t forget those who did a sterling job litter picking.

Throughout the course of the day we had over 40 volunteers. A big thank you to all of you. And we all hope to see you again at our next volunteer morning in September

January Volunteer Morning

On the rather chilly morning of the 26th of January we had our first volunteer meet of the year. We set up base-camp in the usual spot in the meadow by the pond.

Our mission was to clear a paths through the pond area, litterpick and set up a bird feeding station in the garlic copse.

Bryn and Don did sterling work in building the bird feeding station. There was also a bird themed treasure-hunt. And in the base-camp a table for making bird feeding balls out of seed and lard. These were later hung up at the bird feeding station.

Throughout the course of the day we had around 40 volunteers cutting their way through the brush by the pond and laying down woodchip to create new paths.

During a well deserved tea break Bryn gave us a wonderful lecture on the birds that inhabit the park. After the break Nilesh came up with the great idea of removing the bramble next to the private land. And this has really opened up the space.

A big thank-you to all the volunteers, especially those that were handing out the tea and biscuits. Those were much needed on such a chilly day. And another big thank-you to idverde for supplying the tools and the trailer. We got so much work done!

You can see what happened in the short video above. And the birds seem to be enjoying the feeding station.