Volunteer Morning, Saturday 26th January 10am – 2pm

We’ve got a busy year ahead, and to kick things off we’re starting with our first volunteer morning of the year on Saturday 26th January 10am – 2pm. With your help we’ll be setting up our NEW bird feeding station, maintaining some of the paths in the woodland areas, some other light maintenance tasks and a little bit of litter picking.

Looking after our wild birds

We’re really excited about our NEW bird feeding station. We’ll install this near the back of the park, and it will mean that dog walkers, parents with children, anyone in fact can top up the feeders when they are in the park. This’ll help our feathered friends throughout the winter-period and create an additional focal point to any walk in the park.


We’re planning to cut a couple of paths through the wooded areas, so that you’ll be able to go past the seasonal pond out into the main park, and so that you can walk through our newly planted garlic copse into the rear sports fields. These secret paths make exploring the park much more fun.

Kids activities

There’ll be some fun bird related activities for children – ranging from a bird talk given by Bryn Jones, a local bird and wildlife enthusiast; a bird treasure hunt; and we’re even looking to run our own bird kitchen to prepare some tasty snacks for the birds. We’ll also ask some of the children to help stock up the bird feeding station later in the morning.


Teas and chat

As usual we’ll be downing tools around midday for teas, coffees, squashes and cakes, so even if you can only make this, do pop down and say hello.

We really need some helpers on the day – please drop us a line if you can help in any way Email  –

Please note

Wear rough warm clothes. Gloves, and equipment will be provided. Children must be accompanied by an adult

(These bird feeding stations in Sherwood Forest, which is now run by the RSPB, were our inspiration for our own bird feeding area)