Friends of Manor Park - Eliot Cub Talk

Join us…and become a Friend of Manor Park

The Friends of Manor Park group is a constituted association of its members – we call them Friends. These are made of local residents who, like you, are interested in protecting and improving our park.

Becoming a Friend is a very easy way to show your support for our activities.

You get to cast a vote on decisions that are brought in front of our annual general meetings. You get to vote for who you want to run the Friends of Manor Park Committee, and have a say in what we do. You’ll also receive our regular members email.

We use the Friends membership to raise vital funds to run the Friends of Manor Park group. These go into covering our costs, which include insurance, meeting costs, website, stationary, materials for our events, and other overheads.

The annual fee is just £10 per person, but we do ask, if you can make a larger voluntary donation, that this would be extremely welcome, as it would allow us to do more for the park.

Please fill in the form below, and we’ll email you with the membership details:

We will only use these details to contact you regarding Friends of Manor Park activities.