One of the jobs of the Friends of Manor Park is to work with relevant stakeholders to overcome problems in the park. We know the community wants a park that is properly maintained, safe, free from anti-social behavior, litter-free, and where dog owners remove their dogs’ mess.

We are aware of most of the issues in the park, but rely on the local community to be our eyes and ears on the ground. If there is a problem that you think we are not aware of please do drop us an email to

We are working with the council to see how the issue of the privately owned land by the railway bridge on Malden Road can be overcome. We are exploring whether amongst other things a legal right of way across the land can be re-established.

Current outstanding issues

  • Privately owned land by Railway Bridge
  • Dog mess
  • Litter
  • Anti-social behavior, and general fear of crime
  • Park being open 24 hours
  • Water leak in childrens’ playground
  • Lack of play facilities for older children
  • Muddy and overgrown pathways
  • Drainage and water logged land
  • Poor state of junior league football pitches
  • Tatty condition of childrens’ playground
  • Rough sleeping and dens at rear of park
  • Rotten fencing
  • Lack of maintenance of wooded space