Revivify Manor Park – Creating a master-plan for our park

***** Project update 28th July following AGM on 22nd July *******

On Monday 22nd July at the Friends of Manor Park AGM, Outerspace, the landscape architects commissioned to consult the community and create a long-term master-plan for Manor Park, presented the new proposals that are currently under development. These plans are based on consulting the local community – using existing survey data, a new survey, workshops at schools, a public workshop in May, interviews with stakeholders, other data sources, along with the general expertise that these landscape architects bring to bear.

The plans that were shown at the meeting are available on the this link in PDF format Manor Park Landscape proposals Landscape Proposals July 2019.

Once you’ve looked at the plans, we’d love to know what you think – good and bad. There’s a short survey we’d love you to fill in – here.

Next steps? We’re digesting these plans, general reaction from the community and interaction with the council. The new playground is the first major element of the master-plan to be implemented. The council have funding in place for the play area, to be spent before April, so we will be looking closely at the proposals, at cost options, at the feedback to see what would be a sensible way to proceed. We’ll of course keep you up-to-date as we hope we have done throughout this whole process.

Project Background

As most of you know Friends of Manor Park is a community group set up to represent the local community’s interests at Manor Park, New Malden, KT3.

Our key objectives are to protect and improve our park. Over the last 18 months we’ve run various activities from litter-picks through to restoring the seasonal pond, improving paths, maintaining woodland and planting wildflowers.

Planned vs piecemeal

Last year we were about to kick off a project to help revamp the playground, as this is a space marked for an injection of council investment, but on the advice of the GLA, it was suggested that we should create a master-plan for the entire park. So rather than working in a piecemeal way, they suggested that it would be much better to create a vision, driven by the community, that could be fund-raised for and delivered in phases over the next 5 years. We called this process Revivify Manor Park.

90th Anniversary

2019 seemed a very appropriate year to start this process as it is the 90th anniversary of when the space we call Manor Park actually became a park – well more precisely the Columbia Graphophone Company, transformed Newhouse Farm into a recreation ground for its employees.

A park for all our local community

We wanted a plan that would cover all aspects of the park. How do we continue to improve and conserve the natural spaces and our wildlife, how will the park support the various groups who use it, from young children, teenagers, all the way up to our retired park users? How can Manor Park reach its full potential for our local community?


Last Autumn we ran a crowdfund campaign to raise the funds to pay for this masterplan. The community were amazing, and it became one the best supported campaigns within the GLA’s Crowdfund London scheme, which is why the Mayor of London gave us over half of the money needed. We were also well supported by local companies and our local council. In total £26,000 was raised. (It’s unlikely we’ll use all this money on this master-planning process, so anything left will be spent on the park, delivering the masterplan).

Landscape Architects

We’ve now commissioned, Outerspace, a firm of landscape architects to lead the process of creating our Masterplan. A large part of what they’ll be doing is engaging the local community and other park stakeholders.

Involving our children

Outerspace have worked with our local schools – Coombe Boys and Malden Manor Primary. Coombe Boys spent a morning the park.

1st public design workshop

The first public design workshop ran on the evening of 14th May at Shiraz Mirza Hall. Members of the local community worked with our landscape architects in a workshop setting to come up with ideas and say what they liked/disliked.

Your feedback

It is worth noting that over the past 18 months we already collected a lot of information from the local community. People were asked to fill in a short set of very open-ended questions when we first launched the group, we’ve had a lot of contact with the community over these last few months, and last year over 200 people filled in a survey on how they’d like to see the playground develop. All of this information will go into the melting pot.

Contact us

If you have any thoughts and ideas about how you’d like to see the park develop e.g. better security, improved paths, a café etc, or indeed if you have any concerns please drop us an email at