What’s happening with the NEW Manor Park playground? Is it still going ahead? And why we’re asking our crowdfund pledgers to re-pledge…… 

If you recall, we launched a crowdfund campaign in February to help pay for the new playground in Manor Park.

Kingston Council had allocated £140,000 to the playground fund, and we had planned to help raise an additional £60,000 to help pay for a play space the community could be proud of.  Playgrounds are very expensive. We had amazing support from the local community, with just under £10,000 pledged.

Covid-19 got in the way

The plan was to raise a proportion of the £60,000 locally from residents and businesses, with the GLA stepping in to make a substantial contribution.

Sadly, the GLA were unable to make their donation to our campaign, which left us with a huge shortfall just as lockdown struck. From that point, the campaign was never going to hit its target. This meant we were unable to release any of the £10,000 of community pledges.

It was all or nothing, but we’d felt it had been worth taking the risk to try to unlock the extra and quite substantial GLA funds.

Our response

However, all is not lost – Kingston Council has confirmed that they will still allocate £140,000 to the playground, which is amazing, as we feared it might be put towards their Covid response or withdrawn with all the current financial uncertainty. BUT we still need your help – please read on…….

Working creatively

We are now refining the original plan – still with 2 play spaces – for younger and older children – but working more creatively with a smaller budget. Our aim is to free as much of the new budget for play equipment, by finding innovative ways to deliver the non-play equipment e.g. benches, picnic tables, trees, and general landscaping. We’re also working with idverde the parks contractor to explore putting in some log based play, which utilitize trees recently cut down by the council tree contractor. So freeing as much money for new play equipment.

But we still need your help

We’re asking our community to make a pledge to our new crowdfund campaign! To help add as much as we can to playground fund.

What if I pledged before?

If you backed the crowdfund campaign in the spring, no money ever left your bank account and your direct debit was cancelled. So if you are still able, we’d like to ask you to consider re-pledging the same amount again into our new crowdfund campaign. We promise that this time your pledge will be taken and will be put into the new playground. There is no hit-or-miss target with our new crowdfund campaign. We simply want to add as much to the pot as possible.

We totally understand if your circumstances have changed. There’s no pressure 😊

The new campaign runs until the end of July.

Make a pledge >>>>>>>>


Join us – Parents playground group

We’d love it if a group of local parents would like to adopt the new playground, and be involved in getting it set up. Helping with planting, installing benches and organising your fellow parents to keep an eye on the new playground, and just creating a parent community in Manor Park.

Get in contact

Thank you so much for your support thus far, watch this space – it IS going to happen! If you’d like to ask a question please send an email direct to Fiona Sowell at team@ourmanorpark.org.uk