Something to ‘crow about’

Fiona Sowell, local resident, Friends Committee member, and more recently our Playground Project Coordinator, wants the playground in Manor Park to become something to ‘crow about’. Find out more of what’s on Fiona’s mind in her own words……..

Could do better!

Those of you who already use the playground at Manor Park will know that it is tired, unimaginative and pretty basic. Those of you who don’t should take a look. Actually make a point of checking it out and you’ll see, as I did, that it’s not anything to crow about.

Aiming high

Our mission is to make a new playground which IS something to crow about!

We’ve heard on numerous occasions of kids asking to go to other parks further away because they have better stuff/are more fun. That’s not right and we aim to change that. The Park and playground should be a hub that brings families together and away from TV and electronics.

Potential council funding

We are waiting to hear how much funding we are being allocated by Kingston Council to improve the playground and once we know a figure we will be able to decide whether refurbishment or rebuild is the best plan.

Not enough for very young and older children

Currently, the Park doesn’t serve children under 4 or over 9 years old at all well and this is something we would like to rectify. Ideally, we will have an area for ‘traditional’ playground equipment- swings, slide, climbing frame etc, another for ‘imaginative play’- sand pit, playhouse, outdoor musical instruments etc, and another area for older children – zip wire, more challenging equipment, seating area etc.

Wish list

More items on our ‘wish list’ are a MUGA- multi use games area which combines basketball, netball, hockey and cricket with a football pitch, plus better seating for adults and more picnic areas.

1st choice

Our aim is to make this the playground and Park that children from both the immediate vicinity and nearby areas want to go to before any other.

Local input needed

It was important to get the opinions of local people and children to see what is need/wanted. We set up a focus group which was attended by local parents and will hopefully be doing something similar with secondary school pupils. We have devised a survey which has been distributed via groups both online, on social media and via hard copy.

If you would like to fill in the short survey please go to;

The results, which will also be used to assist in gaining sponsors/ funding, will be published in April.

Get involved

If you’d like to get involved in anyway, please drop, me, Fiona a line at