Manor Park now has a brand new path

The new path was finished in September 2023. This is phase 1 of the path project at Manor Park. Phase 2 will be to provide decent pathways further into the site.

The path project was the result of Friends of Manor Park applying for NCIL funding from the local council.

This funding is generated from a levy on local building development work. We worked to gain the support of the relevant stakeholders – councillors and officers.

Why are paths important?

They provide all year access to the site. They support the health and fitness of the local community. They make the park for accessible for our less mobile residents.

Already we are seeing walkers, parents pushing prams along it, joggers etc. It is a very basic but essential amenity. This has been a very long time coming.

This new path creates a circuit of the front field. It is wide enough for two people to walk side by side. It is raised and cambered to prevent flooding.

Friends of Manor Park

Friends of Manor Park is the local community working to protect and improve the level of amenity we have access to at our park. We want to see a continued improvement in that amenity. We believe that the amenity should be accessible, inclusive and of a high standard. It is your park – always remember that.

Get involved

If you like to get involved in our work around the pathway network, please do drop us a line at