Howard's Path


Manor Park, in the past, really suffered from a distinct lack of paths. This was fine in summer months when the ground is nice and hard, but during the wetter cooler months, it did make areas of the park quite inaccessible without a pair of wellies.

Walking and Jogging

Paths are a great way to give a park structure. They encourage walking and jogging. They get people further into this large 25 acre site. They make the park usable for people with mobility issues.

Howard Jones

A few years ago a local councillor, Howard Jones, campaigned hard to raise funds for some new paths to be created. He was successful, and new a new path was built from the car park all the way around the edge of the front field in to the rear natural space.

In Memory

Sadly, Howard is no longer with us, but Friends of Manor Park, would like to carry on the work that he started.

Howard’s Path Project

We’ve agreed that a programme of enhancing and adding to our existing path network is essential. This type of work requires significant investment. It is therefore a fundraising programme that we are looking to start in 2019, unless of course we can find anyone locally who’d like to dedicate some time to this activity in the short term.

Path Maintenance

The existing paths have become somewhat overgrown in recent years, so we’ve asked the council and, their contractor, idverde, if they can divert the attentions of the Community Payback Team, to clearing the grass off them.

Right of Way

You may also be aware of the privately owned land in the corner of the park by the road. This land used to have a path across it leading into the park. The landowner has fenced off this area denying the public its legal right of way. We are activity engaged in trying to restore our right of way – and to get our path re-instated.

We’ve spoken with the Ramblers’ Association and they support our assertion that a legal right of way has been blocked. In the first instance we’ve asked the council if they will carry out the legal work. We will keep you updated on this.

Get involved

If you like to get involved in our work around the pathway network, please do drop us a line at