The Friends of Manor Park, is a local community group, established by local residents to help protect and improve the park. We want the park to be a real asset for the local community. A place where they can come to play, exercise, take part in sport, walk, socialise, and much more. To support this we have engaged in number of activities.

Conservation – looking after and improving the natural spaces

Manor Park, at 25 acres, is the second largest park in the borough. It is comprised of sporting facilities, and natural green spaces, including some beautiful wooded copses. We believe it is important to look after and improve these natural spaces. We have engaged in a programme of conservation activity, running a number of volunteer days throughout the year. More info

Play facilities project

Our playground has become rather sad and unloved. For a lot of local children and parents the Manor Park playground it not the first playground of choice. We want to change this. We have initiated a project to work with the local community, and the council to decide what play equipment we’d we like, and the overall design of the playground and other play spaces within the park. We will then look to start raising funds to purchase the equipment and have it installed. More info

Howard’s Path Project

Councillor Howard Jones started the good work to build paths in the park. We’d like to complete this work, creating a pathway all around and across the park, to increase accessibility, and to provide opportunities for walkers, joggers, and people simply looking to enjoy the space more. More info

Privately owned land issue

You’ll no doubt be aware that there is an area of land in the corner of the park, which was bought up by a property developer. This land has been fenced-off and let go to waste. We are working to get this land back into use as part of the park. More info

Plough Green Pond

We’ve recently got involved in the work to restore Plough Green Pond – a couple of hundred meters further up the road.

General troubleshooting

Every park has its problems from dog fouling, littering to anti-social behaviour. We work with the relevant people to try to resolve these problems. More info

Help us

Friends of Manor Park is a voluntary organisation. We have very limited resources. We can only make good progress with the active support of the local community. If you’d like to get involved you could consider joining a volunteer work-day, become a member of the Friends of Manor Park or contact us if you can offer your time in some way. We need help leading and supporting our various programmes of work.