On the evening of June 27 Simeon Linstead and Elliot Newton organised a walk from St John’s church along the Hogsmill to Kingston and the Thames. We had a good turnout of local ramblers joining us on this walk. Along the way Elliot would stop and give talks about the local wildlife. Did you know there is nest of peregrine falcons on top of Kingston College and that their favourite food is now ring-necked parakeets?

Along the way we walked through Berrylands and stopped outside the Hogsmill Nature Reserve but did not have time to enter. We then pushed on through Surbiton into Kingston where we peaked into the Hogsmill Community Garden. From there we followed the Hogsmill along Kingston Art College to the Guildhall, then out to the Thames.

A big thank you to Simeon and Elliot for organising the walk.

Meeting outside St John’s Church

Stopping off by the bridge next to Six Acres Meadow

Viewing the mural under the railway bridge

Elliot giving a lecture on the subject of kingfishers.

A quick stop in the Berrylands section of the Hogsmill

A pathway just beyond Berrylands station.

Sign for the Hogsmill Community Garden

The Hogsmill Community Garden

The Hogsmill flowing into Kingston

The Hogsmill by the Guildhall.