On Wednesday 6th of July Simeon Linsted organised a talk and walk on the subject of swifts in the UK.  We met outside the Shiraz Mirza Hall in Manor Park and there was given a talk about swifts by Louise Cole and Elliot Newton. We learned that swifts spend 90% of their lives in flight, that they migrate from southern Africa and they return to the same nests in the UK every year to breed. 

We then went on a walk around the streets of New Malden, observing swifts in the evening sky. A peregrine falcon and a wood pecker was also spotted. This demonstrates the diversity of bird life in our local area. 

The walk ended on Amberwood Rise outside the house of Louise’s son. We watched in astonishment at the swarm of swifts flying overhead.  Here Louise showed us her son’s swift boxes, on the front of his house. 

A big thank you to Louise, Elliot and Simeon for such an educational talk and walk. 

Louise giving us a talk on swifts.
Looking at swifts in the sky
Swifts in the evening sky.
Swift box on a house.