A big thank you to all the volunteers who took part in Saturday’s Community Action Morning in Manor Park.

The weather wasn’t looking great, but fortunately we only had a bit of drizzle in the end.

Volunteers cleared bramble off the land by the railway bridge, and then local children planted it up with 50 trees – Hazels, Rowens, Crab Apple and Bird Cherry.

Local children had also assembled and decorated bird and bat boxes. These were installed in trees at the front of the park. Hopefully they’ll be popular with our feathered friends this coming spring.

The day was supported by some regular faces, and it was great meeting some residents we’d not met before. We had about 30 people helping over the course of the morning.

It was the muddiest volunteer day we’ve run to date. But our spirits were kept up with lots of hot teas and cake.

We’re planning on running a couple more Saturday volunteer events in the new year – we’ll keep you posted.

Bryn giving a helping hand
Our local children getting stuck in
We were planting small trees, known as whips. Hazels, Crab Apple, Rowen and Bird Cherry.
Before we could plant a large bank of bramble had to be cleared.
Risking life and limb to install the community bird boxes.
This box will make a home for robin family this coming spring.
Another robin’s nest
Bryn finally gets the strimmer working.
Hard at it
A proud young lady with her bird box
Nothing like a cuppa
Friendly chat at our midday refreshment break