Revivify Manor Park

The community have asked for a better Manor Park. Our crowdfund campaign is just the start.

Blog - Volunteer Morning

A quick round up of the the first volunteer meet of the year. A big thank-you to all our volunteers!

Right of way - call for evidence

If you used the park between 1990 and 2010 - please read this article. We need your help asserting a legal right of way

Friends of Manor Park

The Friends of Manor Park, is a local community group, based in New Malden established by residents to help protect and improve the park. A place where they can come to play, exercise, take part in sport, walk, socialise, and much more.

We have engaged in number of activities including conservation events, a playground project, a campaign to get back use of the privately owned land, and we work closely with all stakeholders to deal with a range of issues.

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Howard's Path

The Friends of Manor Park would like to continue the good work started by the late Cllr Howard Jones, who campaigned for more paths in the park

Park History

Find out what the Columbia Gramophone Company had to do with Manor Park, and the Russian connection.....

Wildlife on our doorstep

Our urban and suburban landscapes can provide habitat for a wealth of biodiversity that is just as important, and Manor Park is no exception.